If your employees pay a
portion of their group
insurance premiums, there's
a way to increase their take
home pay and reduce your
payroll taxes at the same
time. Section 125 of the
Internal Revenue Code
allows your New York area
business to pay less (FICA)
taxes while reducing the
amount your employees pay
in federal taxes.
Establishing a Premium
Only Plan for your NY
employees allows for their
group insurance premium
contributions to be
automatically deducted
from their salaries before
taxes are taken out. An
employees taxable income
is reduced by the group
insurance premium amount
contributed, so your
employee pays less in
federal taxes, and has
more take home pay.
Click link below to fill out a
NY Section 125 Premium
Only Plan request form.
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Your business therefore
pays less social security
(FICA) payroll taxes
because your employees
pretax income was lowered
through the Premium Only
Plan. (For applicable state
legislation, consult your
business tax advisor.)
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